Of course I want to take a selfie, look how crazy this is!


Whenever I notice my body, closely, directly, quietly. Whenever I feel it, touch it, grasp it;
I’m amazed, I’m in awe, almost not believing the machine containing me. Containing but not in a bad way. Allowing the magnitude of my Whole to experience this physical plane. That’s the vehicle I’m traveling in. A vessel inside a vessel. Infinity had to be drawn and framed in order for it to be noticed, observed and appreciated.
Well, no wonder why I can’t stop taking selfies. Just like my ancestors, work- ing diligently in order to portray and, I’m guessing, understand their forms, shapes, and proportions.
This duty is not a simple one. It requires attention, patience, freedom of expression and will. A strong purpose to faithfully depict our essence.
As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding”. It is intrinsic to who we are.
So, here, you will find me trying to experience the noblest of all pleasures: understanding who I am.
Not so far from the cave paintings in Altamira. Or Ancient Egypt’s.
I can see myself reflected in water, mirrors, cameras, windows, other people’s eyes, so I must exist. Am I getting somewhere in terms of understanding- ing, Leonardo?
It doesn’t feel like it. At least not when I stay silent and become not a thinker but an observer. It looks as if there’s not so much to talk about, just what we perceive. We mix it, change it, transform it, replace it, name it, design it. We’re observing and talking about it. Like this, we tag and label shapes, colors, and textures, trying to fathom the grains of our existence.
The observer keeps witnessing.
Becoming, as one does, with time, part of the history, not better, not worse. Can you feel the peace of this train of thought, Leonardo?
I sense that you would not ask me why I am taking a selfie. You would know.
You would put your hand around my shoulder, gently resting your face next to mine, making our cheeks touch. You would try to help me frame the picture. “This composition is good, the line of your lips is exactly like the line of my eyebrows” you would murmur, blending my facial features with yours. I can even feel your rough but wise voice caressing my skin.

Hey, Leonardo, as much as I’m enjoying this smooth interaction, I remember many of your affirmations. For instance, you also said: “Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood”. And that’s where I would differ. Our paths splitting. The love affair dissipating.
If I need to understand this—and by this, I mean my own existence—in order to love it—and by it, I mean myself—we’re in big trouble here, Leonardo.