When the light is strong enough I wake up, and I’m born a new woman every day.

I like staring at my hands and knowing they will help me build symbols and objects of value.

I want my hands and body to be fast but I also want them to be graceful.


Getting dressed means choosing a companion for your skin.

Even if your body acts as a canvas. Putting on some clothes makes me feel almost as good as I feel when I’m completely naked.


I’ve observed how my words grow between my chest and my back.

My curves rest inside a warm hug.


I cherish the possibility of transforming every action into a game.

So I protect my cells from the ice and the fire.

Exactly like a poem I write for my skin and soul.

With colors that are friendly to my heart, they feel smooth and close to me.

Fabrics that help me become a superwoman. Soft, comforting, but somehow,  unbreakable.


I’m entering a world of genuine power.

Written and performed by Alejandra Smits
Shot by María Gaminde