(Focus on the ball)


What is the distance…
Is there any distance between my eye and the Moon?
Find the place inside yourself where believing is the easiest of the options


(Focus on what exists)


Go down that path. Did you find that place?
Now, dive in.


Air, heat, thunder, gravity, snake, friction, skin, point A, point B, layers, tension, hair, ovaries, scratch, Sun, fracture, dragon, muscles, sweat, molecule, pulse.


Do everything you do with the certainty of perfection. Even when you’re sure perfection does not exist.


(Focus on what exists)


How can I deceive my opponent if I am my own opponent?
What exactly is holding all of this?


Visualize the invisible.


When your heart is pounding, when your cells are shaking, when your ponytail is dancing, when your body is levitating…
Take a leap of faith.

Directed by María Sosa Betancor
Words and voice by Alejandra Smits
Produced by O