Tao Kardashian is a performance that aims to depict the inescapable search for illumination.
It was represented by Carlota Guerrero and Alejandra Smits during Andy Warhol's exhibit inauguration held in CaixaForum -Barcelona- last October.
Divided into two pieces: The physical transformation of the self through makeup, corsets, a few layers of bras, wigs, and glitter.
And the interaction of the new self-constructed beings with the public attending the event.

As characterized by the performers, the path of illumination implicates a default dichotomy: superficiality v.s spirituality.
Both aspects are not just apparently opposed to each other, but also hugely spread in our society.
Does the fact that both trends are booming make the dependent of one another?
Would Kim Kardashian exist if the Tao didn't?
Finding our true self through self-awareness or building it from scratch.
Wanting to belong and feel included/loved seems to be the engine of many of our acts. The superficiality could be understood as a deformation of the pure principle of a quest for love.
But isn't it all the same? Aren't we all looking for enlightenment?

In collaboration with Carlota Guerrero