As the title might reveal, it was night time.

And I was there, in my existence, just being around, as you do.

Not worried about anything in particular, but not quite at ease. So I decided to take a hot bath. I had a blooming sensation in my belly I could not explain.
My bed received me with the promise of a good rest, so I followed her instructions.
I turned the lights off and closed my eyes. My room was silent and peaceful, you could only hear the Moon lighting the rooftops of the buildings and the cups of the trees.

So I surrendered to what had been promised to me. My thoughts started fading one by one, like fruits falling off their Mother Tree.
A familiar sound was fading in, interrupting the ritual I was directing for myself.
Of course, the sound felt familiar, it was my heart beating. I had never heard it so loud and firm. But the thing is I was not just hearing it, I could feel the muscle contracting and expanding in sync with the noises. I could even smell its walls and compartments. This had never happened before, in twenty-four years.
I opened my eyes, trying to make it stop -this sensation, not my heart-.
And that’s when I knew: I was going to die that very same night.

This possibility matched perfectly with my new understanding of what my heart meant for my existence: everything. This tiny muscle is keeping me alive with this drum solo.
Its drumsticks, just imagine its drumsticks.
I accepted my imminent death with joy. There was nothing I could do.
I wrote to my mother: “Mami, te quiero, eres la mejor maestra que me ha podido tocar en la Tierra” which means “Mom, I love you, you are the best teacher I could’ve had on Earth”.
Prepared and ready to leave this plane I closed my eyes again.
How free and eternal it felt to go back home. I smiled, not caring about my alarm clock for tomorrow.
My bed turned into a field of flowers. I was one of those flowers. I was all of those flowers.
My alarm woke me up at 8:00 am.
My eyes opened. My heart was beating, the concert was still on. The drums were still playing.
I won’t lie. I was a bit disappointed.
Something had changed inside of me.
I remembered how convinced I was about my imminent death and laughed.
But I was no longer afraid of dying.
Maybe that’s what was all about. I had to drop that fear. And I did.

Also, I think I had to read my mom’s reply: “Hija querida y amada, tú eres la mayor maestra que hay. Gracias por nacer” which means “Dear and beloved daughter, you are the greatest teacher. Thanks for being born”.
I nodded.
And I could only feel grateful for the event.